Saturday, July 9, 2011

Quick Updates

Not much, pretty boring miserable life. Although must say, my homemaker skills have advance from single man to single lady. Maybe one day, I will attain the greatest title (grandmother). The titles go from: caveman, single man, married man,  single woman, wife, mother and grandmother.

I am writing two scripts. The one I have always write and a new one. My hand hurts because I do it mostly by hand. I am reading three books on the subject and making some progress, I guess.

The house we were renting is going to be lose. So, I am super busy packing and cleaning and finding a new house and being frustrated because is very hard. Damn over hyped, over valued homes and the corporations that pushed them! Now, my undocumented butt has to find a new place to live, right with everyone else.

While buying a new exacto knife, some young men were talking about college. It was pathetic at best. They first said that the college were you graduate is not relevant, or grades. Finally, someone venture that college was not that important. Everyone else agreed. Yea, if you have several years working, your degree is not relevant anymore but experience. Still, if you are new to the industry or the market, your degree, grades and schools does matter a lot.

It is sad to hear people wasting their talents, like throwing money to the gutter because they are afraid to step out and do the unthinkable. It was kind of shocking to see white, young, middle class males thinking like that. Who the hell told them that greatness was cheap or easy or fun?

Ahhh, well, I hope to buy a new computer on the soon as opposed to the later and be able to write more. Still, probably this will be a fringe deal for me because I am already writing on the guesstimate of 3-5 hrs per day.

Wait, a minute...this were not quick updates at all! Oh well, too lazy to change title.