Tuesday, December 28, 2010

On A Happy New Year

If something good comes from this otherwise sucky year, is that it will soon be over. Honestly, this year was terrible and not only for Dream being held back.

Well, it did brought something good. This year, I started to write my script only to give up again and now to go back. Hey, who was the wiser to said that our dreams are never easy to reach? Never mind.

I really want to write my script. The issue with life is that we want to do so many things and there is never the time to do anything. If I had my act together, at this point, I would be chilling while forcing my friends and family to read the damn script.

I want to keep writing this blog, at least once per week. I want to keep writing the other blog, at least once per week. I want to fix the issues with my past horror short and write a new short. So, the issue here is that there is more writing than life. The horror short was a mess but at least now; I know how to fix some of it. The other short, which honestly I find more interesting at the moment, has this log line (the story in one line):

An undocumented middle school nerd and the cheerleader he has a crush on are getting a ride from his Spanish speaking father when a cop stops them and ask for a driver's license.

I like the idea. Still, I dunno, the writer's side of the brain says it's pretty dull. The undocumented half of the brain feels it's pretty compelling. What you guys think?

Well, I hope that you guys are all having a wonderful time and that you are moving, slowly but surely towards all your hopes and dreams. Wish this New Year is more merciful on us all. So, I will leave with my favorite quote from one of my favorite movies of the year, The Visionaries.

I can do this because I did it before…in a dream.

Friday, December 24, 2010

On How to Debate in the Internetz Par III

Ok, it seems all the other parts are scatter around the joint. I will post a link if you want to see the whole thing at once. This is a super long post and should be at least five parts but a deal is a deal even if it does not work. The main reason why this was not out sooner is because of laziness. Really, this was wrote when the first one was done.

How to Debate the Internetz Part I

How to Debate the Internetz Part II

Know the Art of Debating

On the skinny, an argument consists of a conclusion that is supported by evidence. For example:

Doctors are necessary when one is sick,

the county of Los Angeles has 10% less doctors than most counties,

Therefore, we need more doctors in Los Angeles.

The argument is we need more doctors in Los Angeles. The rest is evidence to prove it is so. There is nothing more irritant that someone who writes within your argument trying to prove your case wrong in all possible levels. For example:

Doctors are necessary when one is sick (No all the time),

Los Angeles has 10% less doctors than most counties (actually we have plenty of doctors),

Therefore, we need more doctors in Los Angeles (that is stupid).

You don’t need to do that to prove all the argument wrong. Besides being confusing, wasting space, and being a jerk you will look childish, ignorant and foolish. Only one part of the evidence will make the conclusion fall apart:

People in Los Angeles need fewer doctors because Angelinians are on average healthier.

The above will prove the argument wrong without wasting precious space. If someone dissects your comments like that, simply ignore them and keep straight into your attacking their argument in the weakest point. This is especially advantageous when debating in places where there is a limit in symbols.

Battle without Honor or Humanity

In battles of wits, everything is allowed. Do throw some low punches. Pepper your sentences with the above mentioned fallacies. Seduce the audience, not only with your evidence but with your style and humor. They call you an idiot who cannot spell, you reply with a “you forgot to prove me wrong”. Call them of their bluffs, if they say that they speak 10 languages ask them which ones and then force the truth out of them.

Do not respond right away, take your time, days if necessary, to write the most devastating, humiliating and cruel response. Most important, admit that they make you angry but also realize that this person does not know you and is nothing to you. Only maggots debate in the Internet to boost their self-esteem and when they turn off their computers, they go back to the fear of dealing with people in the flesh and blood where calling someone part of the “Jew power elite” or a “nigger” has consequences.

The most important thing....

Thank You for reading this blog and

Have a Merry Christmas and a Terrific New Year!!!!!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

On Ourselves

Not that I think that many people will read this.

So, once again the world has failed us. There is really no other way to say it or put it or understand it or analyze it. We worked hard for Dream. Some more than others but everyone chip in and as important as it is the person in the front of the parade as the hundreds behind them. Still, might I remind you? We did not fail ourselves.

After that incredible punch in the gut, I can say, our old man hit worst than that. Just think how hard it was to graduate from high school. How hard it was to get a job. How hard it was to apply college or simply to register for community college. Not a question but a fact.

Just think about every day, to be call an animal, a criminal and a monster since you were a child from people less deserving than you. To be sneered for desiring a better life and refuse to become a low wage, low skill, faceless exploited undocumented worker. Just for that, you're the worst of the worst. How dare you refuse your destiny?

Wasn't this terrible? It was. Wasn't it deeply sad? Beyond words? More than regular folks can take? It was. Then again, we are not regular folks. It is okay to cry, to admit pain and to feel sorry for ourselves. Lesser individuals would just slide their wrist and get it over with it. Still, besides getting our hopes high, we come back home to our regular struggles. We are after all the best and brightest.

Again, I have to admit. It was more emotive for me to see Dream triumph in the House than failing in the Senate. After all, it is love from the status quo that shocks me, not their painful indifference or their outright hatred. It is acceptance what humbles me and not the morbid slandering. Over and over, we have been stab in the back and over and over we come back from the ashes.

Of course, you will hear those who chose hate over common sense that this is the very arrogance and over-privileged attitude the liberals have created. Then, again, I went to college without documents, student aid, grants, loans or cushy employment. They, for the most part didn't. The same goes to the kind folks who think immigrants are dumb for not speaking English when they clearly have such a poor domain of what should be their native language. Since many dreamers are bilinguals, I think it means we are twice as smart? Doesn't it?

Do we have the right to be angry? Of course we have. Even without the papers, we are as American as the Constitution. We are undocumented, we are part of different minorities. Our history is the history of the United States of America. The same way the history of African Americans slaves, of Japanese Americans on concentration camps, or Chicanos being run down from their properties from California. This is the story of the German and Irish being look down upon while creating the wealth of the nation with their sweat and blood. If someone believes the history of America is only of a small group from one race, one religion, one class, one sex, that person is the real traitor, not us. Not the children, not the pure.

And like all this groups, we will go on strong and alive, full of joy and pain because we are the best and the brightest. I say this to the child I once was and to the new ones who got once again denied. You are not a bad person, you are not a criminal and you are as much the product of God's love as the richest, most deserving person in this world.

This is not the conclusion but a To be Continued

Sunday, December 5, 2010

How to Debate in the Internetz (Part II)

Note: After looking at the first part, it is clear it should be at least six parts. Here is part two of the highly acclaimed article that started it all.

Know Your Setting

Where are you debating, Dream Act portal, Facebook, You Tube? Each place has different rules; some allow you to write huge posts while others only allow a few couple of words. If you only have a sentence to make a point, it is going to be difficult to make your point across without saying something you didn’t meant to say. In any case, unless you’re in the Hustler forum, please limit your usage of colorful language. Don’t prove thy enemy is right by sounding like a sailor in a cheap porn movie. At the same time, sadly, if you write a long post, the dimmer are the changes of anyone reading your comment. People would rather thumbs up a single word comment than one with actual statement.

Sometimes, the setting is everything. If you wrote a refusal in NumbersUSA or the Allipac You Tube channel, all the aggravation you’re getting is what you deserved. What did you expect? If you debate someone who hates you, the arguments are not going to make that person, and their herds, like you or concede defeat, especially if the individual loves to make up statistics and live in an alternate reality. Debating a barking dog is always debating a barking dog. And if a person (you) debates a barking dog (Allipac), don’t complain later if people assumed that the dog had point. What can I say? Some people respond to barking and not debating or even making sense, which brings me to the next point.

Know your Audience

As stated in American Splendor stupid is average, so convincing people that that Sarah Palin is a victim of the media is not that hard. In case you have not notice, Stephen Colbert uses his great mastery of the English language to control the debates without actually knowing anything. A good debater might be the most ignorant person in the room but knows how to trample foes. For example, screaming over your opponent and not letting them talk. If it feels like cheating, consider this, if you cannot win against a faulty argument, are you sure your stand is the correct one? Many people identify that as a cue for who controls the debate and overpower the other. Here are some of the dubious ways people grant themselves credibility.

1. Giving yourself an accreditation that makes your trustworthy. A PhD, a language or a job that entitles trust. (their argument is better because they are better than you)

2. Calling the opponent an idiot over and over, making fun of their comment/spelling, instead of actually saying why is wrong. (you’re an idiot so their argument is better than yours)

3. Flipping through subjects. (This one is particularly good at making people contradict themselves and say something lame as they are removed from their area of specialty. You were debating Coke vs. Pepsi and somehow ended up talking about nuclear physics. Keep going back to the subject over and over and keep track of what you actually want to debate about. )

4. Having the last word (amazingly in this day and age, many people still believe that having the last word means you won)

Do not respond with just fallacies. Although they will probably win you many battles, sooner than later you will find someone who can see through you. And that person is going to beat the crap out of you by pointing out your pseudo intelligence. Believe me, being call pseudo smart is way more demeaning than being call an idiot.

Again, use your common sense before entering a debate. You might run the risk of granting your credibility to someone in the fringes of abstract thinking. In other words, if it was not clear enough, if you debate someone who thinks that calling Obama a chimp is not racist, if the audience is uneducated enough. They might think that you two are having a balance, two way argument when in reality, you’re handling this person his/her butt in a silver plate.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Dream Act Especial Edition: On Dreaming without Acting

So, as I sit in front of the computer, an unnerving reality comes to my mind. This is it. This is as close as I am ever going to get to a green card. Yet, that is not the most critical fear in my head but the fear of doing something about it.

I have done it on the past. Calling that is, well, sometimes just tried to call because the lines are full. It is not like I’m spending all day and night calling like many of my more committed friends. I have many things to do, so every time I go out for an errand or finish a task I do a set of calls. It sounds lame but it is not like I can skip picking my sister from school or my mom from work or dinner from the dumpster.

Mostly, I understand why so many dreamers are wasting their precious time, pondering on the current bill rather than making it happen.

If you give your all and fail, it is more devastating than if you just fantasize how good it would be for something to happen. I can dream on being a size zero, rant on the benefits of exercise and a healthy diet. That might give me a sense of doing something but in reality; it is not until I get off my butt that everything starts.

Acting to realize your dreams is not fun or easy. It is very hard, boring and painful. It is even harder when you realized that the chances of realizing your goals are dim even if you give your all. What if you give your all and fail? What does that say about you? What does that say about the American Dream? What does that say about life?

So, it is easier to just not call. If the Dream Act fails, you were not emotionally invested. If fact, some people (with the excuse of being reasonable), are already looking at the chances of the Dream Act as dim at best. They are preparing themselves for failure and protecting themselves from devastation.

Low tolerance to pain is not a good thing. For example, abused spouses stay because of their intolerance to deal with reality, the pain of a failed relationship and the stress of change.

So, let’s not be abused spouses. The USA system is not our pimp. Let’s do our best, call, write and speak up for a couple of days. And if we fail, then we cry and mend our wounds.

And now, if you excuse me, I have some calls to make.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Dream Act Special Edition: On Doing Our Best

So, while doing some research it became clear, I will be 30 by the time the Senate Discusses the Dream Act, which most likely will make me un-eligible. Further explanation, my birthday is December 5.  The bill is yet to be even brought to the floor in the Senate and I need to be younger than 30 by the time the Dream Act passes.
So, I could do what some Dreamers in my position have done in the past. Whine how unfair it is, why I deserve it more than anyone else.  Why they need to change the law so it accommodates me. Then some other jerk will say that shit happens because, of course, they qualify, so, the hell with me, even though if they were in my position they will whine too.
Since that is too boring, I’ll do something else instead.  Do what I can to make sure the bill passes as soon as possible. It is not as awe inspiring as what other dreamers have made. Still, what I can do I all I can. What I know in my heart can do and what will save me from regret in the future.
You see. I CAN WORRY LATER about what’s next.  If the Dream Act does not passes right now, the changes of me getting legal status is even smaller. I can hire a lawyer and if nothing works, I can go back to Mexico.
The point is, there is no excuse to whine and discuss when there is work to do. Think less, Talk less and Do more. Not asking you to get arrested or to do something beyond your means, only do what you know you can and no more, no less.
If the Dream Act does not pass, then you can bitterly shake your fist at politicians, at America and the world itself but you will know that you did your part. The world failed you but you did not fail to yourself.
That in the end is the most important thing. More important than the Dream Act because the Dream is only an opportunity but you, you my dear are power. Can you apply yourself to make the world a better place?