Sunday, November 28, 2010

On How to Debate on the Internez (Part 1)

Note: The final blog was in the ball park of 3-4 pages long. So, I cut it into three parts. Might add a survey to see if anyone cares to read the whole thing in one sit. Also, all the examples used, were real but no anonymous jerk was harm while producing the blog.

I have figure out something. NASA scientist and multi-lingual doctorate holders are idiots. Either that, or one too many high school drop outs are doing the amazing feat of both pretending to be incredibly smart while showing their awe inspiring ignorance on the Internet. The bottom line is: don’t look like a jerk. Even if you’re anonymous, learn the delicate art of making others feel mentally inadequate through arguments.


You’re minding your own business, browsing the net while chatting and watching some videos on You Tube. Suddenly, you read a blog, saw a video, and/or heard a comment that captures your imagination. Either is a good hell yea or maybe not. In any case, you’re going to give them a piece of your mind.

Maybe is not like that, maybe you can help but to read the first or most popular comment of a District 9 trailer (in You Tube it cannot be help). On no you didn’t puffycloud108! How dare you insult District 9 after it took me to a multi-layered science fiction heaven! He is going down!

In any case, after a couple of hours, there is a reply and is not a “you tell’em Feistyone1975”. What to do now? Well, here are five basic things to keep in mind before and during an Internet debate.

Know the Opponent

That is the person who wrote the comment in question. If this person is a troll who called your favorite clip of Batman Beyond retarded, just let it go. Trolls are people who are looking for your attention and/or to make you fight with fellow fans, just write a comment that re-instates your love for Batman in the general thread. You will vent and feel better without bringing further aggravation.

If the jerk is debating five people at the same time in the same thread, just let it go. A person with that much time in their hands and so eager for attention is not worth your time. He is aggravated already, let the other five fools anger him some more and get angry while you chat with your friends.

If the person says something beyond lame like “how come chimps are not evolving into humans? LOL@ Evolution theory” just let it go. You will have to explain what evolution is, why it does not work that way, and so forth, then they will reply some other equally ignorant response and you will again have to reply in brief, simple terms something very complex. You don’t have time for that. Hells is the absence of God, thus anyone outside the grace of God is miserable. Think of God as knowledge and hell as ignorance, let them live in their own personal hell.

If the individual wrote what appears to be a good argument but there is something not working. He/she is part of a group often composed of people who got some college but skip the courses that really matter (the ones that you need to graduate). Partly educated, the individual uses, and often prides him/her, of using common sense. By the way, we are all part of this group in one way or another since no single person knows it all. It is hard to not follow common sense and popular belief, since we are often saturated with information that is worthless.

For example, “yea, if you eat five grill sandwiches it is too much, but if you measure yourself you’re gonna be fine. I made two for myself this morning and they are great.” There are so many elements with this refusal but I’ll go with the most difficult. According to the bag where the bread comes from, a serving is a slice of bread. A piece of cheese is an ounce. So, the correct serving is half grilled sandwich. He ate four portions thus overeating and making his own argument fail. Overeating is bad, everyone knows it. Eating the right portion is the difficult part and unless you spend a good amount of time studying the subject, it will be hard to identify the problem. This group is very tricky because they know some but lack some. They will, often without knowing, use fallacies in logic to tramp adversaries and win debates. In conclusion, don’t get tramped.

The opponent that knows what is talking about and yet differs in ideology. Yes, there are true Marxists that have great arguments on the wrongdoing of Capitalism. There are incredible smart Conservatives that know why their position is the best one. In those cases, be prepared and have fun and learn from this person. True, you will never totally agree with their stance. Still, the best debates are not to defeat opponents is to prove you that your own principles and values are the real deal. You are not an atheist to piss off mom. You are not a Catholic to piss off atheists. True, both an environmentalist and a capitalist will have different points of view but at the end both are needed to fix global warming.

Friday, November 19, 2010

On Updates

Ten quick updates about my otherwise boring life.

  1. I finished paying my first ticketJ Now, I have to deal with the second oneL I wonder if I can do it through the Salvation Army again to finish super fast. Still, the place is full of crazy people who both hate democrats and Walt-Mart.


  2. I was assistant director for my local PBS live auction. It was super cool. Many people often complain about their first horrible jobs in the media. I was just stocked that someone could be paid to have so much fun.



  3. All my summer clothes are stored and all my winter clothes hanged and organized. Still, it would be nice to change the furniture around the room.


  4. The Democrats lost the House but retain the Senate. Conservatives claim is due to angry voters being against liberal agenda. Liberals claim is due to conservatives being angry at conservatives. One thing is for sure, people are angry at politicians in general.



  5. A family acquaintance died in a work related accident. Gruesome details about him and the mill he was working on. Existential issues arise. I feel really bad for his family and offered myself to take them to Sacramento to the Mexican Consul. The family was offered only 5,000 by the company to cover their expenses. It pissed me off. Money comes and goes but a loved one is invaluable.


  6. The guy who bullied me in high school died in a car accident. Well, he tried but I fight back. In any case, two deaths within two weeks to feed my already unhealthy, fearful obsession with death. I wish I could feel very bad for him but I feel nothing, not joy nor sadness. Part of me is piss off at him for driving high on coke and the other remembers that the last time we met it was our last fight. Remember to tell mom, "I wish I never see him again" and now, I will. That probably makes me the worst person in the world. Trying to console myself by knowing that if I could trade his life for the life of my dog I would. As if that meant anything.


  7. I tried to fill in my eyebrows like the You Tube "gurus" do. First of all who spends that amount of time in their brows? Second, I ended up looking like Groucho Marx.



  8. Due to the chances of the Dream Act, my plan to move to Mexico was postponed. Still, whether the Dream Act passes (and will start moving my dusty behind again for the cause) or not, I will go back to my hometown and hang out. It is a 500 year old town and apparently all those years where used to perfect the delicate art of fried pork in big ass copper pots and happy cajeta. Happy cause is drunk like Paris Hilton in a club. Who does not want to eat alcohol infused cajeta and fried pork in a 500 year old city?


  9. I have nothing to say but these are ten updates and without a nine there would only be nine. We cannot have that.



  10. Feel that cops are up to get me instead of protect me. I don't think that a flamboyant citizenship, it will change that. This is what happens when someone's humanity is taken. You learn to see the world with cynical eyes. All the innocent idealism is gone but as Jon Steward said "I am a cynical by nature but an optimist by conviction." So, Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. Make sure to hug everybody you love that night and have a wonderfully stressful shopping spread the next day.