Monday, June 28, 2010

Oooppp... They Did it Again

As a general rule any form of end of days time line has always been taken lightly in my head. Not right now, every time I go to bed is with the fear that the freaking Mayans were right and that life as we know it will end in 2012.

Although my state of mind is always melancholic, it has never reached this level.  Perhaps because even in the worst case scenario, I always felt that I could do something no matter how small it was my contribution.

When Katrina and Haiti were destroyed, I was given the options to donate money. Even gave cans of food to help the people in Sudan. As for my legal status, the choice of being here or in Mexico is always a choice.

Hearth broken, I had to read how some people felt it was BP responsibility to fix what they broke. Although in principle it is correct, if there is a time when principle can kiss our butts, it is now. In my book, it is a load of crap.

When tragedy strikes some part of the world, people who deny help are seen as jerks. They are publicly destroyed for their cruelty. True, Sudan and New Orleans had their issues but to still, people suffered and some form of relief was needed.
Neither it is unnatural that corporations get some form of aid when they screw it. Banks were rescued by taxpayers and so did the car industry. Still, Toyota was demonized because it is perceived as a “foreign” company. Never mind that their cars are safer than any American car ever made.  The banks were given money for sucking because they were too big to fail.

So why everyone does feels that both the USA government and BP need to fix it all?  It is not a crime against the Southern States or the Gulf of Mexico, or even humanity; it is a crime life itself.  I hate to burst anyone’s bubble but this tragedy is too big for the USA or BP to fix.

So, we need a telethon urging people around the world to donate money to fix this mess. We need freaking Bono to make a song about it. We need Sean Penn to go in a little boat into the oily waters to save pelicans.

More important, we need to realize that oil corporations are a monopoly and they behave as such.  By nature they dislike for innovation –which is risky, costly and could produce new competition.

Yes, it is time to find some new form of energy resource to stop drilling for obsolete oil.  There is no such thing as solutions only tradeoffs.  It requires more than BP, it requires us, as humans. After all, a corporation is not a person. It gives a damn if it dies in 2012 but how about you? Do you give a damn?

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Nothing Else To do

The name says it all. I could go with lazy good for nothing Lucky (my sister's dog) but I am tired of spoiling them both.