Saturday, March 13, 2010


My name is Alejandra. I was 19 when my sister was born, in a moment of tenderness, I thought to myself, I wish you never grow up…and she almost did. My sister developed a rare form of epilepsy that almost destroyed her brain and slowed her development. It was a moment of stagnation.


After her recovery, she has change and become a new person. Still, the basic fierce perseverance of her humanity remained. No matter how much she runs, she is the little baby I held in my arms.


I believe in change. Yes, I am afraid of the chaos and the unknown. Still, walking through the darkness to the light is a billion times better than decomposing under a rock. I look back to the past to learn from my mistakes and to see if the core pillars of my principles are still intact but my home is the unknown where the future awaits for me.