Thursday, April 16, 2009


They are telling me to wait….a little longer. I listen to their soft voices and look at their compassionate eyes. Their intellect, well above mine dictates that politics and such and such will take a while. That is the way I understood life and the way the world understand me. Everything is in equilibrium.  

I have been waiting for fifteen years.  I waited while in the desert and no one came. I was thirteen and afraid. I was thirteen and I died but didn’t found out until it was too late.

I waited while in high school.  My dad lost part of his finger. The firm made him sign up papers in English, saying that it was his entire fault.  

I waited through community college. My father put his wages into a house. His boss told him that since he could not own a house, it was better to put the house under his name. It is now, the boss house.

I waited through college.  We filed a lawsuit against the boss. The Judge told our lawyer that it was feasible for my father to accept  a 50% cut on his wages at the same time his boss buy a house in a town 50 miles away from where he lived. Maybe illegals accept those types of wage cuts.

I waited after got a job. I was earning half of what other people would earn.  

I waited while my mother lost her ID and the cops told her that she cannot file a complaint because she does not exist.

I waited while my land lord decided not to give me  my deposit back and the Consumer affair staff, told me that I cannot file a report because I am an illegal alien.

I am asked to wait, just a little longer. Wait to live, to travel, own a house, get a camcorder, get a real job, buy a car, pay high taxes, get a health insurance, get Master’s degree, fulfill my dreams, fight back, get respect, go outside and claim the sun, the wind, the earth, the north, the south, the east, the west, ect.ect.ect.ect.ect.ect.ect.ect.ect. ect.ect.ect. ect.ect.ect.ect.ect.ect.ect.ect.ect. ect.ect.ect. ect.ect.ect.ect.ect.ect.ect.ect.ect. ect.ect.ect. ect.ect.ect.ect.ect.ect.ect.ect.ect. ect.ect.ect.

You are in fact, asking me to wait for my humanity.  There, lost in the Arizona desert, crying for me and asking me to go back and claim her as mine and mine alone. What would you do in my place, would you wait a little longer?